Printable Registration Form

Registration form for yoga classes at Inward Bound

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________________________
Phone ______________________________________________________________________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Class ___________________________________________________________________________________________
[ ] I am enrolling in a second Inward Bound class.
Where did you hear about Inward Bound? __________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to, and send to, the individual teachers. If enrolling in two classes taught by two different teachers, send a check for the appropriate amount to each teacher.

Please assume you are registered unless notified.

Martha Laatsch

Navtej Singh Johar


Lynette Smith
1304 Iroquois Pl.
Ann Arbor MI 48104
Caitie Shaughnessy


Julie Woodward
Laurel Fingerle


Roddy Wares


Jonathan Tyman


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