Marly Spieser-Schneider has been practicing yoga alongside her mom since a young age.  She began her study of Iyengar Yoga here in Michigan with Mary Reilly and Laurie Blakeney.  Her passion for the form developed and, after having relocated to Vermont, her practice and study intensified and she attended teacher training with Rebecca Weisman and Janice Vein.  Spieser-Schneider is currently certified at the Introductory II Level and continues along this path as both a teacher and an ever-avid student.  Her background in dance influences her greatly and both her classes and personal practice are infused with creative spirit and the joy of movement.  She is fully embraces the idea that the body is a tool to expand our consciousness and she works to light the fire of curiosity in all of her students.  She is constantly inspired and in awe of the science and art that is Iyengar Yoga and is grateful to be back in her home town and be able to share her discoveries. Marly teaches an Iyengar 1-2 class.

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