Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga are combined into a common experience with attention given to each individual according to their particular needs.

The PRENATAL focus provides valuable information and instruction for preparing for childbirth. Appropriate poses for stretching and strengthening, along with helpful breathing practices, will be taught and practiced. Just as importantly, this class provides a safe and supportive community setting for expectant mothers to stretch, share, laugh and help each other prepare for the coming change in their lives.

The POSTNATAL emphasis is on upbeat fun for new mothers, with infants welcome to come along. Strengthening and toning are addressed, as well as balancing and restoring. Just as importantly, new mothers share their joys and challenges with fellow classmates.

Taught by Marlene, Inward Bound prenatal instructor and mother of three! This class can be joined at any time; fees are prorated. Feel free to call Marlene at 930-1970.

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